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Welcome to Synergy
~We are Synergy~
Level 8
IMPORTANT EVENT LINK: This is for the pvp event on Saturday 10/28/11 Please feel free to join!

Once level 32 comes, we will be raising the requirements to a higher standard. This guild will be meant not just for pve, BUT also for pvp. 

Must log on at least every week, if not you will be kicked.
At least PvP every now and then. 
Make it a goal to have good armor, that way when nesting it isn't hard on us or you.
Talk in guild chat. This is a must for me.
Also no alts, unless you go them everyday

Background of the guild: 
We are not from maplestory or any other game, so please do not ask.
This guild was created the day beta came out. We are level 7 now and almost lvl 8. 
For me a guild means somewhere people can socialize as well as ask for help, do dungeon runs, and pvp. I want this guild to be the best that I can make it and be able to strive in this game. 
I hope lots of people will join and have fun in my guild !

You can contact me Utsukushii or on here to invite you to the guild. Also you can contact me on skype, but please state who you are, ect. My username is alexis.ruiz4.

You can also contact one of my officers:
Note: We ask that you be polite and respectful to all  members and be active in the guild via Dragon Nest or Skype. 

Guild forum:!!%26highlight%3DSynergy 

Here is the tiny url for this site:

I would also like to make this guild have chances at doing guild war in the future. 

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